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Speaker - Tim Simkin To order, please include the series number, the line number and the topic. Series 9 - S.T.U.D.Y. Title Time 9:1. "Am I Really Converted?" 1:01 Do you know what constitutes genuine conversion? "Doctrinal Unity" (4 Parts, 2 on each DVD): 9:2. "The Pioneers and the Prophet" 1:58 Do we trust the Pioneers above Ellen White? 9:3. "Trinity, Arianism, or Neither?" 2:30 A thorough STUDY of the Godhead issues. 9:4. "Reverence & More Reverence" (2parts) 2:01 Are you really being reverent, as required by God? 9:5. The Two Times of Trouble - End Events, Judgment Living 2:30 9:6. The Two Times of Trouble - Tares, Wheat, (in Jacob's...) 2:36 What to expect-and how to prepare-for the little time of trouble, and the great time of trouble. Are you ready? 9:7. "The Connection of Daniel 8 & 9" 1:12 A deep STUDY from the Bible alone, proves the truth. 9:8. "Unsound Arguments" 1:06 Can you defend what you believe from the Bible only? Will your explanations stand up to close examination? 9:9. "Time No Longer" 1:53 There are many trying to (re)apply time prophecies to events after 1844: are these valid, or misapplied? 9:10. "Sins of Ignorance" 0:59 Must they be overcome? If so, how and when? 9:11. "The Omega Iceberg" (short version) 1:18 "Be not deceived; many will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. We have now before us the alpha of this danger. The omega will be of a most startling nature."--1SM 197 9:12. "The Omega Iceberg" Part 1 1:11 9:13. "The Omega Iceberg" Part 2 1:22 9:14. "The Omega Iceberg" Part 3 1:11 9:15. "The Counterfeit Omega" Part 1 1:02 9:16. "The Counterfeit Omega" Part 2 1:27 9:17. "The Omega Iceberg" Parts 1-3 3:44 9:18. "The Counterfeit Omega" Parts 1-2 2:29 9:19. "The Jesuits in Bible Prophecy" - Revelation 17 in 2 Parts 2:26 9:20. "The Jesuits in Bible Prophecy" - Daniel 11 in 2 Parts 4:11 An extensive STUDY of Revelation 17 and Daniel 11, showing reasons why various other interpretations cannot be correct. 9:21. "Do You Really Love Jesus?" (3 parts) 4:48 An in depth STUDY of the authority and reliability of the Spirit of Prophecy. 9:22. "End Time Fanaticisms" 1:04 The Sacred Name, the Feast Days, and the Godhead. 9:24. "Rainbow COLORS" 1:31 An interesting STUDY on the use and meaning of colors in the Bible. 9:25. "NWO in Prophecy" Rev. 17, Part 1 1:54 9:26. "NWO in Prophecy" Rev. 17, Part 2 1:44 9:27. "NWO in Prophecy" Dan. 11, Part 1 1:58 9:28. "NWO in Prophecy" Dan. 11, Part 2 1:59 9:29. "NWO in Prophecy" Dan. 11, Part 3 1:53 9:30. "NWO in Prophecy" Dan. 11, Part 4 0:45 9:31. "NWO in Prophecy" Rev. 17, Parts 1-2 3:38 9:32. "NWO in Prophecy" Dan. 11, Parts 1-4 6:35 The above series is an older STUDY dealing with the same topics as "The Jesuits in Bible Prophecy" above. It is a little older but much longer and has much more information. Also, the other study has much information not in this series either. These DVDs are not sold, but a donation of at least $2 per DVD is requested to cover our costs. You may copy for free sharing with your friends (this applies to S.T.U.D.Y. videos only). On special request, available on video tpaes, SP (standard play 2:40 max, better quality or EP-extended play 8 hours max). Any study may be ordered individually in SP format. These videos can be ordered from either The 800-HIS-LOVE Ministry or from: STUDY To Understand Doctrines Yourself S.T.U.D.Y. Phone: (888) www.S-T-U-D-Y (888-999-7883) Provided by: THE 800-HIS-LOVE MINISTRY P.O. Box 168 Chino Valley, AZ 86323 1-800-447-5683 1-928-636-0185 Back to the Index of Videos
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