Updated on Feb. 12, 2016

Back in August 1993 Prophecy Countdown had a very good campmeeting in Santa Rose, California. I operated the satellite uplink transmitter for the whole week-long series of meetings. There was a large attendance. The follow portion I already had on DVD. Then below (in 19:96 & 97 ID numbers) are some new ones that were on some VHS tapes given to me recently. I tried to check they are not any duplicates, but that is not possible to be sure. When people record satellite programs on VHS tapes, they often are late starting or the tape comes to an end before the program is over. Old VHS tapes rarely play perfect, but often have tracking streaks, verticle minor jumping and other problems. But the messages are still valuable.

Order the DVDs you want by the code numbers (for example, 19:96, 97) as that tells me exactly where to go to get the masters and copy it/them for you. All DVDs are free.

Most titles are made from the first few statements of the speaker.
2:8   PC CM 1993 Roundtable
	    2nd Coming
	    Kellogg and Today
	    Men of Experience
	    Andrews University
2:9   PC CM 1993 Danny Vierra 
	    The Holy Spirit & Health Reform
	    The Entering Wedge
2:10  PC CM 1993 Danny Vierra 
	    The Image to the Beast
	    The Right Arm
2:11  PC CM 1993 Ralph Larson 
	    The 4th Generation Syndrome
	    The Types and the Shadows
	    Our House Is on Fire
2:12  PC CM 1993 Kenny Shelton 
	    The Church in Apostasy, parts 1, 3, 4 (Labeled 1, 2 & 3, but #2 is on one of the new DVDs below.)
2:13  PC CM 1993 Terry Ross 
	    Prophetic Parallels, Parts 1, 2 & 3
2:14  PC CM 1993 John Osborne 
	    How Christ Cleansed the Temple
	    Standing for the Truth
	    Women in the Church
19:96 PC CM 1993 John Osborne 
	    Letís Be Bereans-Wheat and Tares
	Danny Vierra 
	    Daniel 7
	Bob Trefz 
	    Genesis 3-The First Sermon
	Terry Ross 
	    Desire of Ages (last part)
	John Grosboll 
	    Unity and How to Receive the Holy Spirit
	    Roundtable - Q & A
	Kenny Shelton 
	    The Church in Apostasy (ends early)
	    The Law Canít Speak Out Against Cops & Present Apostasies
19:97 PC CM 1993 Terry Ross 
	    Stephen-an Independent
	Bob Trefz 
	    Adventist Apocalypse
	Kenny Shelton 
	    (more of) The Church in Apostasy See 2:12 above
	John Grosboll 
  Now to several new campmeeting videos made from VHS tapes. 
19:98 - 2/9&10/94 At the San Bernardino Orange Show grounds: 
	    1, 2 & 3 - Talk about the WCSN/WVHA SW station, 
	Bob Trefz
	    4 - The Signs of the Times
	John Osborne
	    5 - Damnable Heresies
	John Grosboll
	    6 - God Is A Spirit
19:99 - 5/3 to 5/8/94 BSI (Bob Trefzís Biblical Studies Institute) - 
	    1 - Roundtable on the Close of Probation
	John Grosboll
	    2 - Methods of Mind Control
	    3 - Study the Bible
	Ralph Thompson
	    4 - Last Day Events
	Bob Trefz
	    5 - Exodus 19-A Special Time
	Danny Vierra
	    6 - A More Sure Word of Prophecy
19:100 - More BSI
	John Grosboll
	    1 - Cybernetic Warfare
	Ralph Henderson
	    2 - To Be Prepared
	Bob Trefz
	    3 - Governmental Tyranny
	Bill Hughes
	    4 - The Gospel Message
	Bob Trefz
	    5 - The Time of Jacobís Trouble 
19:101 - More BSI 
	    1 - Roundtable-The Little time of Trouble
	Danny Vierra
	    2 - God Created Man Perfect
	Les Balsiger
	    3 - Responsibilities of Missing...
	John Grosboll
	    4 - The Battle for Your Mind
	Danny Vierra
	    5 - Ye Are Godís Building
19:102 - 7/1 to 7/8/94 STL (John Grosbollís Steps to Life) 
	    1 - Presumption
	Intro to:
	    2 - E G Whiteís First Vision
	Danny Vierra
	    3 - There Is A Great Work to Be Done
	Mike Thompson
	    4 - The Nations of Europe
	Mike Thompson and Ron Reeves
	    5 - How Are We Going to Do That Work? 
	Mike Thompson
	    6 - The Just Shall Live By Faith
	    7 - Shall We Evangelize? John Grosboll-Walking Toward Unity-Part 2
19:103 - More STL 
	Danny Vierra
	    1 - Strife in the Church
	    2 - Get Off Dairy
	John Grosboll
	    3 - When God Says...Time to Cry
	Gwen Reeves
	    4 - Preparing for the Hardship
	Bob Trefz
	    5 - When Man Sinned
19:104 - More STL 
	Mike Thompson
	    1 - No Turning Back
	Dennis Crystal
	    2 - Our Beloved America
	Bob Trefz
	    3 - Nicodemus-Part 2
	John Grosboll
	    4 - Unity and Conflict (very weak audio)
	Bob Trefz
XXX	    5 - When Man Sinned (likely a duplicate of above).
19:105 - STL CM in Redding, California in 1995 
	Dr. Ralph Larson
	    1 - Satanís Third Brigade
	John Grosboll
	    2 - God Wants to Save Us All
	Jan Marcussen
	    3 - Godís People Are Happy
	    4 - Unity: True or False
	John Grosboll
	    5 - Hopeless Situations
19:106 - More STL at Redding 
	Evan Sadler
	    1 - How Is God Going to Finish the Work?
	Hector Perez
	    2 - Preparing for Home
	Mike Thompson
	    3 - Home Treatments: Be Healthy
	Ralph Larson
	    4 - Satanís Third Brigade (duplicate title, different location)
	Jan Marcussen
	    5 - Save Souls
	Mike Thompson
	    6 - Health Treatment Demos
	John Grosboll
	    7 - Ghana, West Africa Report
  We watched most of this next series and felt that it was well done.
19:107 3ABN Proclaim - Ron Halversonís evangelistic series 
	    1 - Our Day in Bible Prophecy
	    2 - The New World Order
	    3 - Unfolding the Revelation
	    4 - Good God-Bad World-Why? 
	    5 - The Reason Behind Riots and Immorality
19:108 3ABN Proclaim - Ron Halverson 
	    6 - Creation Vs. Evolution
	    7 - Memorials in Revelation
	    8 - Historyís Greatest Religious Coverup
	    9 - You Can Live Your Life Over Again
	    10 - The Mystery of Death and the Occult
19:109 3ABN Proclaim - Ron Halverson 
	    11 - Whatís Right About Death? 
	    12 - Gangs to God-The Ron Halverson Story
	    13 - The United States in Bible Prophecy
	    14 - Revelationís Time of the End
	    15 - As Good As It Gets
19:110 3ABN Proclaim - Ron Halverson 
	    16 - Babylon Rising
	    17 - Revelationís Slain Lamb
	    18 - The Mark of the Beast
	    19 - Why So Many Churches?
19:111 3ABN Proclaim - Ron Halverson 
	    20 - Revelationís Remnant Church (Of course, he supports the conferences)
	    21 - The Sin that God Cannot Forgive
	    22 - Lost First Love
	    23 - The King Is Coming
  This next series I recorded more than once and still lost (or missed) part 7.  
  But the rest are still very good studies.
19:112 3ABN/AFTV 
	    Pastor Stephen Bohr 
	    1 - The Right to the Tree of Life
	    2 - The Thief on the Cross and the Witch of Endor
	    3 - The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazareth
	    4 - Paulís Dilemma to Stay or to Depart
	    5 - Absent from the Body, Present with the Lord
	    6 - Preaching to the Spirits in Prison
19:113 Continued: 
	    8 - Two Key Words-Sheol and Hades
	    9 - The Dead Who Stand Before God
	    10 - The Souls Under the Alter
	    11 - Undying War-Unquenchable Fire
	    12 - Immortality of the Dead or Resurrection of the Dead? 
	BONUS: Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts: 
	    Are the Dead Really Dead?
19:114 - ADTV - Digging Up the Past with Francois DuPlessis 
	(He presents archaeological proof of the Bible and more) 
	    1 - The 18th Dynasty-Part 2
	    2 - The 18th Dynasty-Part 1
	    3-5 - The 18th Dynasty-3-5
	    6 - Petrasís Colorful History
	    7 - Tellel Amarno
	    8 - Nebuchadnezzar Again
19:115 - More: 
	    1 - Bible Lands-Babylon
	    2 - Bible Lands-Bagdad
	    3 - Archaeology Confirms the Bible
	    4 - More ?discoveries in Bible Lands
	    5 - Three Keys to Unlocking the Bible 
  (Over the last few years I have collected several others sets of these studies.  
  Check out on the other list 16:13, 14 & 15; 18:5, 6, 43, 44 & 45.
19:116 - Little Light Ministries 
	    1 - The Home Hypnotist
	    2 - Artificial Atmosphere
	    3 - Magic Kingdom: The Effects of What You See
	    4 - Hollywood and Your Name
	    5 - Alpha and Omega Apostasy
	    6 - Personal Testimony
	    7 - Gnostic Gospel
19:117 - Kenny Shelton of Behold the Lamb Ministries 
	    1 - Is It Time for the Jews...? 
	    2 & 3 - Prophecy of the 144,000
	    4 & 5 - Blessings of Believing Godís Prophets
	    6 - Who Is My Neighbor?
	    7 - Spiritual Formations-A Blessing or a Curse? 
	    8 - Let the Redeemed Say So!
  The next group are all with Bill Hughes until a different name is listed:
19:118 - Bill Hughes as a Guest Speaker in 2 Churches: 
	    1 - Whatís in A Name? 
	    2 - The Wall Builder-Nehemiah
	    3 - The Covenants
	    4 - The Plan for the Banks
	    5 - Conspiracy
	    6 - The Covenants (Duplicate title, different church)
	    7 - The King of the North
19:119 - At Gilead Institute (The International Association of Free Seventh-day Adventist 
	 who can legally use the SDA name, EGW Books, etc.  See below.) 
	    Trends in Time: Events in the Last Years
19:120 - A Series of Studies on Revelation: 
	    1 - Rev. 1-Pictures of the Churches
	    2 - Rev. 2-First Four Churches
	    3 - Rev. 3-Last 3 Churches	 
	    4 - Rev. 4-Visions of the Sky Sanctuary
	    5 - Rev. 5-The Book of Destiny
	    6 - Rev. 6-The 24 Elders and 4 Horses plus Rev. 4 PS
	    7 - Rev. 6-Part 2-The Seventh Seal
	    8 - Rev. 7-The Two Groups
19:121 -  
	    1 - Rev. 8-The Seven Trumpets-Another Look
	    2 - Rev. 8 & 9-The Trumpets-Part 2
	    3 - Rev. 10-The Little Open Door
	    4 - Rev. 11-The French Revolution
	    5 - Rev. 12-The Great Controversy-Past and Future
	    6 - Rev. 13 Part 1-The Beast from the Sea
	    7 - Rev. 13 Part 2-The Lamb that Breaths Fire
	    8 - Rev. 13-Lambs-Dragons and Images
	    9 - Rev. 14 Part 1-144,000 and the Three Angels Messages
99:185 - More of Rev. 14, see below.
19:122 - 
	    1 - Rev. 14 Part 2-True and False Worship
	    2 - First Angelís Message
	    3 - The Three Angels-Heaven Keeps Trying
	    4 - Accepting or Rejecting the Three Angelís Messages
	    5 - The Seven Last Plagues-Heavenís Strange Act
	    6 - Rev. 17-Last Days Merchants
19:123 - 
	    1 & 2 - Rev. 18-When Two Forces Meet
	    3 - Rev. 19-Triumph and Judgment
	    4 - Rev. 20-Satan Bound and the Millennium
	    6 - The Restored Creation
	    7 - The Heavenly Home
	The next three are from Bill Hughesís Sabbath School classes but not him speaking.  
	Most of them had no name for the speaker.  
	Although I have not watched all of any of these, the bits I have seen seem very good.  
	They are not using any published quarterly
	    1 - Dennis Samuels-Gold
	    2 - Paul Praino-The Covenant of Jesus
	    3 - Denis Samuels-The Temptations of Christ
	    4 - Paul Praino-Immortality Today
	    5 - Hebrews 10
	    6 - The Latter Rain
	    7 - Hebrews 10:26-If We Sin Willfully
	    8 - Not Escaping Godís Presence
	    1 - Perfection
	    2 - The Time of Trouble
	    3 - Truth or Judgmental
	    4 - The Ten Virgins
	    5 - Armageddon and Frogs
	    6 - The Time of Trouble (Dupl.?)
	    7 - Obedience
	    1 - Melchizedek
	    2 - The Temple
	    3 - Hebrews 8:5
	    4 - His Name Shall Be Called...
	    5 - The Time of Trouble (Dupl.?)
	    6 - My View of Things
	    7 - The Menorah
Back to Bill Hughesís DVDs
19:127 - AT ISSUE - An Interview With Bill Hughes on 
	    ďWhat is the Role of the Vatican in the New World Order?Ē 
	    Re: His book titled The Secret Terrorist.  
	    It is exactly one hour long and very good..
19:128 - Adventism in Apostasy
	    1 - Why We Are Where We Are
	    2 - Ancient and Modern Adventism
	    3 - Spiritual Formations
	    4 - The Adventist and Catholic Connection
	    5 - Adventism in Apostasy
19:129 - in Colton, California 
	    1 - Feast Days
	    2 - Mountains and the Three Angelsís Messages
	    3 - Crisis in the Middle East
	    4 - Q&A
19:130 - Eckles Meetings
	    1 - Dennis Crystal-The Gospel
	    2 - Bill Hughes-The King of the North-Glorious Land-Michael Stands Up
19:131 - Dennis Crystal in Chino Valley May, 2014 
	    1 - Why Have I Had So Many Difficulties-Getting Closer to Heaven
	    2 - We Need Warnings and Reproofs
	    3 - How to gain Our Entrance into Heaven
19:132 - AFTV 
	Junie Lawson-Bible Instructor-White Horse Media-Counsels for the Heart
	    1 - Overcoming Depression
	    2 - Domestic Violence
	    3 - Divorce
	    4 - Living with and Unbelieving Spouse
	    5 - Dating or Courtship
	    6 - Anger
	    7 - Resolving Bitterness
	    8 - Appetite (more than for food)
19:133 - SLS-TV - McDougall, M.D.
	    1 - Prostrate Cancer
	    2 - Poisoned at Home
	    3 - Magic Bullet-Omega Three Oils
	    4 - E Coli and Salmonella
	    5 - Dirk Benedictís Cancer Cure
	    6 - Environmental Chemicals
	    7 - Peter Tork-Eating Out
	    8 - Health Care that Failed
	    9 - Pills vs. Food
	    10 - Healing without Drugs
	    11 - Menopause: Myths, Truths and Possibilities
	    12 - Mammograms: Pros and Cons
	    13 - PMS: Does It Control Your Life?
	    14 - Pills (Serious lip sync error!)
	    15 - Mammography: Pros and Cons
	    16 - (Dupl of #11)
19:134 - SLS-TV - Dr. James Marcum - At the Heart of Health 
	    1 - Bible Health
	    2 - Chiropractic Care-Part 2 (Part 1 missing)
	    3 - Sleep Apnea-Part 1
	    4 - Sleep Apnea-Part 2 (it says part 1)
	    5 - Healing Around the World
	    6 - Healing Around the World-Part 2
	    7 - The Rhythms of the Heart
	    8 - Hospitalist
	    9 - Abuse
	    10 - Healing By Love
	    11 - Healing of the Elderly
	    12 - Naturopathic Medicine
	    13 - Processing with the Young
	    14 - Spiritual and Physical Life-Intertwined
	    15 - Making the correct Diagnosis Essential
	    16 - Healing from the Funereal Perspective
	    17 - Why Canít I Get My Man to Go to a Doctor?
19:135 - At the Chino Valley Bible Sabbath Church - Chris Winston
	    1 - Intro
	    2 and 3 - I Know Thy Works
19:136 - ADTV - Walter Veith - Total Onslaught-Mini-series
	    1 - The World According to Darwin
	    2 - In the Mists of Time
	    3 - The Secret Behind Secret Societies
	    4 - Behind the Scenes
19:137 - 3ABN - Fountain View Academy Musicians (Canada), Help in Daily Living
	    1 - Dealing with Anger and Hard Feelings
	    2 - Words and Relationships
	    3 - The Love of Jesus
	    4 - A Higher Experience
	    5 - Influence
	    6 - The Discipline of Trail
	    7 - Gods Plan-the Rest...
	    8 - A Lesson from the Life of Moses
	    9 - Plans for the Future
19:138 - ADTV - Secret Mysteries
	    1 - The Secret Mysteries of Americaís Beginnings
	    2 - The Mysteries Continue
   Most of you probably know that the General Conference (GC) sues any organization using 
the name SDA if they are not members of a GC church.  There have been several such law 
suits, including one against the Gay SDAs.  But they lost that one since those Gay SDAs 
were still members of various SDA churches.  However, there were several SDA non-member 
churches before they trade marked their names, and so they were grand-fathered in to 
allow the continual use of their names.  There were two groups called the Reformed SDAs, 
two called the Free SDAs and a couple of others. 
   One of the Free SDAs was dissolving and the other one wanted to obtain it so there 
would be only one such name in use.  But Pastor P. Herbert near Atlanta, Georgia who 
has an Independent Ministry (called the Gilead Institute) obtained that Free SDA legal 
organization first (making the other one furious and accusing him of theft in getting 
that name).  But Pastor Herbert is now doing a very good work world wide getting many 
Independent churches and organization (like us) to join with him.  All of them can now 
use that name (Free SDAs) and the GC cannot sue them They started to sue Pastor Herbert 
until they learned how he got that name.  
    The full legal name is the International Association of Free Seventh-day Adventists 
which you can read at the top of this newsletter.  We get many CDs from them, but a 
visitor brought two DVDs and let me copy them.  He is a very good preacher and these 
studies are very good.  We have watched all of both of them.
19:139 - Free SDA - Pastor P. Herbert 
	    1 - Sodom & Gomorrah
	    2 - Are You Ready?
   Most of you probably do not know much about the 501(c)(3) corporations other than 
they are tax exempt and your donations to them can be deducted from your income 
when filing a tax form.  I have known for years that such a corporation is removed 
from the US Constitution and is under Corporate law which does allow some of the 
constitutional principles, but not all.  Texe Marrs (who had a program with 
John Osborne now on one of my DVDs=1:33-The Secret Brotherhood) had this 501(c)(3) 
and the government started to shut him down for a program he did, so he removed his 
corporation and continued in his work.  Recently I obtained a DVD with a study about 
501(c)(3) Corporations.  Most of you will have no need for this, but if you know 
anyone who does, obtain it and share it.
19:140 - 501(c)(3) Corporations: Christian-Yes or No?
19:141 - EBOLA on 3ABN Today ďLIVEĒ 10/16/14
19:142 - 3ABN ASI 2014 
	    1-Intro: Interviews
	    2-Holland: Why Adventists? Why Now? 
	    3 & 4 More Interviews
	    5-Sabbath School: Dan Houghton-The Teachings...
	    6-Sabbath: More Interviews
19:143 - 3ABN ASI 
	    1-Sabbath, more testimonies
	    2-Mark Finley: The Grace of God (a gap missing)
	    3-Sabbath P.M., Panel
	    4-Panel-part 2
	    5-Panel-part 3
	    6-Dr. Eric Walsh: Fire to Refine
	    7 & 8-Night Light on Womenís Ordination (which is totally contray to inspiration)
19:144 - 3ABN - Wonderfully Made (Health) 2014 
	    1-Heart Rhythms
	    2-Valvular Heart Disease
	    5-Activated Charcoal
	    7-Adult Diseases
	    8-The Brain
	    9-Depression Recovery
	    10-Public Health Education
	    11-Crisis in Dementia
	    12-Crisis...for Teens and Young Adults
	    13-Crisis...for Older Adults
	    14-Physical Exercise and Diabetes
	    15-Physical Activity and Cancer
	    16-When the Heart Attacks

In the Jan-Feb 15 Newsletter:

19:145 - 
		1. Eye of the Phoenix (one-dollar bills)
	Next three are MOODY: 
		2. The Germinations
		3. The Pollution Solution
		4. The Name Game
		5. Mark Cleminson-End Time Delusion: The Testimony of an Illuminist
		6. Natureís Splendors (music video)
19:146 - 
		1. Where the Waters Run
		2. The City of the Bees
		3. Journey to the Edge of Creation
		4. Windows of the soul
		5. Creation: Animal Kingdom
		6. Hidden Treasures
		7. A Matter of Taste
		8. (Late start) Our Planet Earth
		9. Prior Claim
		10. The Big Safari
19:147 - 
		1. Journey to the Edge of Creation
		2. The Wonders of Godís Creation
		3. The Red River of Life (blood)
		4. The Solar System
		5. Planet Earth
		6. Animal Kingdom
		7. Journey of Life
19:148 - 
		1. Where the Waters Run
		2. DNA Decoders
		3. Prior Claim
		4. Somewhere Out There
		5. Streams of Life
		6. God of Creation
		7. Re: Flying
		8. Milky Way and Beyond
		9. The Wonders of Godís Creation
		10. The Animal Kingdom
		11. (Dupl. #4)
19:149 - 
		1. The Power in Plants
		2. Busy as a Bee
		3. Machines of Beauty
		4.  Itís A Small World
		5. The Long Journey
		6. Facts of Faith
		7. Flying on Wings of Beauty
		8. Life on the Move
19:150 - 
		1. Cell-a-bration
		2. The Eight-Legged Engineer
		3. Treasure Hunt
		4. The Animal Kingdom
		5. A Matter...
		6. Journey to the Stars
19:151 - 
		1. God of Creation
		2. Flying on Wings of Beauty
		3. Life on the Move
		4. Itís A Small World
		5. Treasure Hunt (the rest are not Moody) 
		6. David Rives: The Heavens Declare
		7. Brian Newman: The Trinity
		8. Tree Planting
		9. Dr. McDougall: Total Health solution
		10. BETV-Christian Berdahl: Six Days in Babylon (only part 1)
	The next three DVDs are titled: ďMini Series, Prophecy SeminarĒ but nowhere have I found the name of the speaker.  
	A hand written note says that they were recorded 3/26-28/2010 in Dallas, Oregon.  
	These are exact copies of what was sent to me years ago. 
	I have not listened to much of them, but their titles seem to me to indicate proper teachings.
19:152 - 
		1. Dan. 2 & 7: The Kingdoms and the Coming NWO
		2. The Papacy and the Mark of the Beast
		3. Babylon the Great and Her Daughters
		4. Q & A
19:153 - 
		1. The Seal of God
		2. Socialism in Prophecy
		3. The Role of Islam in Prophecy
19:154 - All 4 parts are ďGlobal CollapseĒ (end of this series.)
19:155 - ADTV: Gerhard Padderatz  
		1. Abiding
		2. The Mystery of Godliness
		3. Questions About the Sabbath
		4. Untangling the Lin and Q & A about the Sabbath
		5. Faith in Times Like These
19:156 - John Triplet-ADTV: 
		1. Conspiracy Facts
		2. Secrets of the Ages (I have not listened to thesereport if any problems.)
19:157 - Dan Gabbert-ADTV: ďThrough Different EyesĒ 
	Note, I donít like this idea where He thinks he can see as God sees-Godís Eyes, 
	but the studies are good anyway) 
		1. John 17:3
		2. Improving Your Life
		3. Can A Christian Be Perfect? 
		4. Five Bible Problems Today
		5. Restoration
		6. Faithful to A Post of Duty
		7. Things Arenít Always What They Seem
		8. Worries: My Attempt to Control the Future
		9. Have You Ever Felt Abandons? 
		10. Hold Fast That Which You Have
		11. Depression-Personal Value
		12. Fear
		13. Fear of Failure
		14. Fear of Want
		15. (Dupl. #3) 
		16. Somebody Knew What to Do
	The next five are from Colin Standish of Hartland Institute.  You may know that he has been replaced and 
	eliminated from that board.  For me, he was too pro-conference, but he still had many good studies.
19:158 - 
		1. Justification and Sanctification
		2. True Education
		3. Divine Purpose of Self-supporting Work (very pro-conference)
19:159 - Church Organization: 
		1. The Rebellion of 1901
		2. Rebellion Continued in 1903
		3. The New Testament of Church Organization
		4. Kingly Powers
		5. Lay Responsibilities Generally
		6. Lay Responsibilities Locally
		7. Relationship with Pastors
		8. Relationship with the Conference (likely wrong today!)
19:160 - 
		1-3. The Sacrificial High Priest
		4. Am I A Legalist? 
		5. Perfection or Perfectionism? 
		6. Nature of Christ
		7. Flesh vs. Spirit
19:161 - The End of Time: 
		1. Peace and Safety
		2. The Early Rain
		3. Why Delays
		4. The Everlasting Gospel
		5. The Latter Rain
		6. A Moment to Decide
		7. The Third Angleís Message
		8. Commandments of God and the Faith of Jesus
19:162 - Spiritualism: 
		1. First and Last Deception
		2. Lying Wonders
		3. Modern Day Spiritualism
		4. Celebration and NLP
		5. Mind Control and Spiritualism
		6. Spirit Possession
		7. Hypnotism and Spiritualism
	The next three are by Pastor Stephen Bohr not produced by me:
19:163 - Great Apostasies of the Bible (disk 1 only): 
		1. Four Steeps to Ruin
		2. Vanity of Vanities
		3. Worship Egyptian Style
		4. The Holy and the Profane
		5. The Constantine Syndrome
		6. Mutiny in the Camp
19:164 - 1. & 2. Hidden Sabbath Truths
19:165 - The Final Movements: 
		1. Adventismís Trojan Horse 
	(Papal Power-Terrorism-War-Volcanic Eruptions-Earthquakes-Floods-Fires-Hurricanes-False Doctrines-Spiritualism)
		2. The Stealth Man
		3. The Roman Element
		4. The Collapse of the Three Walls
		5. The Symbols of Revelation 17
		6. The Resurrection of the River Dragon
	Some time ago someone gave me many DVDs of David Kang each one with only one sermon on it.  
	They have many series, and some of them have duplicate titles from different places.  
	But usually the same sermon preached a different location is not exactly the same. 
	Others do not have the complete series, but the studies are still worth while.  
	I have now copied them to a hard drive, edited them as needed (no loss of the sermons, maybe a word 
	or two missing at the first or last) and copied them onto 5 DVDs.  
	The titles are exact copies of the titles on the original DVDs.  I may have some sources confused.
	Also there is little information on the order of time, so they may not fit one part to another.
	I also have three of his presentations which I recorded at the NW Convocation.  
	Since few of them were ordered, they have been set aside.  
	They are still available at these locations: 11x:55, 11x:59 and 17x:14. 
	I donít have titles right now  There were very good sermons at these meetings.
19:166 - LA Seminar Oct. 2009: 
		1. People Like the Morning Dew
		2. Two Covenants
		3. Why Do You Serve God? 
		4. Loud Cry
		5. Financial Slavery
	LA Seminar Feb. 2011: 
		6. The Blotting Out of Sin
19:167 - 
		1. The Real Preparation for Coming Crisis-America and Economical Crash 
	North Carolina Seminar, Oct. 18, 2008: 
		2. People Like the Morning Dew (dupl.)
	LA Seminar Oct. 2009: 
		3. The Power of the Word
		4. Facing te Record of My Life
	Jan. 2010: 
		5. Time to Pray for the Latter Rain
		6. Preparing for the Latter Rain
19:168 - LA Seminar June 2010: 
		1. 7 Last Plagues are Being Ready
		2. Re-Examine Matthew 24
		3. Godís Way to Treat Our Children
	Oct. 2010: 
		4. The Lord Is Out Righteousness
		5. How to Prepare for the Latter Rain
		6. The Seed of God
		7. Two Seals
19:169 - Misc sources: 
		1. The Economic Stages of the Sunday Law
		2. Satanís Last Temptation
		3. Bible Predicts Current Event
		4. Godís Promise of Food and Water, (Wilderness Church in Washington) 
		5. The Essence of the Three Angelsí Message
		6. The Power of Forgiveness.
19:170 - Misc. 
		1. Mystery of God
		2. The Cleansing of the Sanctuary 
	LA Seminar, Pt. 2
		3. Jesuit Attackin China
		4. Testimonies and Comments
		5. The Last King Rising
		6. 2012 Mission Report
		7. Three Kinds of Sabbath
		8. The Power of Resurrection
19:171 - Quiet Hour - LaVerne Tucker: 
		Deceived By the New Age
19:172 - Floyd Mayberry on health at the Wilderness Church (WA): 
		1. Life Is in the Blood
		2. Truth Behind Incurable Diseases
		3. Diabetes
		4. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
	As I mentioned before, I have too many old VHS tapes to expect to get them all onto DVDs.  
	One person suggested that they could put VHS tapes onto DVDs.  So I sent them a number of John Grosbollís VHS tapes.  
	They came with no titles and other problems.  So I copied and edited them and now have 3 DVDs to list.
19:173 - 
		1-Getting Idols Out of Historic Adventism
		2-Spiritualism and Adventism
		3 & 4-Remember Lotís Wife
		5-When Seven Women Take Hold of One Man
		6-The Marian Movement
		7-Elder David Dennis: When you Canít Cross the Jordan
		1- Sabbath Legislation
		2 & 3-The Track to Romanism
		4-The purified Imagination
		5-The Path that Leads to Happiness
		6-The Two Swords
		7-The Lessons of Australia
		8-Zaire Report
		9-India Missions
19:175 - 
		1 & 2-Heaven
		3-Godís Test Question
		4-The Last Night on Earth
		5-On the Way to the Promised Land
		6-Come Uno Me
		7-The Sting of the Serpent
		8-Who Will Meet Again? 
		9-The National Sunday Law
	The next two are important.  Music is so commonly misused today that we all need to understand it better.  
	The are very good but do not cover every aspect of good and bad music.  I have no subtitles.
19:176 - ADTV: Brian Neumann on MUSIC, first 4 parts
19:177 - ADTV: Brian Neumann on MUSIC, last 3 parts
	Some time ago, someone sent me a DVD with Joe Crewsís programs on it.  
	Since I already had many of them, I set it aside.  
	In reviewing all of my old DVDs I decided to check it out.  
	It was a shock to find out that it had 30 half-hour programs on it. 
	(Almost 15 hours, I can only put 8 hours on a DVD.)  It plays fine on my machine.  
	Since it has so many on one DVD I decided to use it even though I may have most of them elsewhere.
19:178 - Joe Crews, 30 parts-no titles here
	Someone sent me this next DVD.  It is very important today.  
	Just remember, 1% error with 99% truth is far more dangerous that 50% error.  
	Jeff Pippenger is one of that 1% error type.  He is a very dangerous person to listen to.  
	This DVD shows the error of the 2520.
19:179 - Marlo Parks, 2520: True or False?
	Hope International used to be a very good organization when it was led by Ron Spear (now deceased).  
	He was kicked out some time ago and since then it has become worse.  
	I no longer can trust any of their publications.  
	The next DVD was made from sources that seem to be useful.  
	But I have not listened to all of it, so be careful.
19:180 - 
		1,What About the Feast Days? 
		2-Get Out of the Cities
		3-Godís Protective Shield
		4-Redeeming the Past
		5-Ho the Devil Beats Us
		7-Prostate Health
	Some titles are so long I could not list them on the DVD. So now I may not have the full original title.
19:181 - SLS-TV: Dr. McDougall: 
		1-Is Your Home...A Toxic Nightmare? 
		2-Your Eyes: Roadmap to Health? 
		3-Breast Feeding: The Key to A Healthy...
		4-Heart Disease: Are Women at Risk? 
		5-Truths About Electromagnetic Radiation
		6-How to Eat Healthy and Like It
		7-Hamburger Lovers: Thereís A Hope for You
		8-Are Doctors Stingy with Pain Killers? 
		9-Heart Bypass: Could It Cost Your Life? 
		10-Osteoporosis: Strong Bones in Your 90's
		11-Heimlech Maneuver: Saves Lives-AIDS
		12-Diet Verses Drugs (cholesterol)
		13-Breast Cancer
		14-Prostate Cancer
		15-Prostate Disease: A Sore Subject for Men
19:182 - SLS-TV: ďAt the Heart of HealthĒ Dr. James Marcum: 
		1-How Can We Keep Our Bodies As We Age? 
		2-How Chiropractors Heal the Body
		3-Chiropractic Care Continued
		4-Worldwide Medicine
		6-Health Care Confusion
		7-Aging Process and Healing
	ďHealthy, Wealthy and WiseĒ Bev & Dr. Ed Krick: 
		8-Oral Infections
		9-Head Trauma
		10-Dental Health-Periodontic Care
		12-Exercise as A Theropudic Modality
19:183 - 3ABN-Dr Agatha Thrash: 
		1-Prenatal Health Care
		2-How to Plan a Menu
		4-Life Is Stressful
		5-The Nervous System
		6-Changing Time Zones
		7-Solving Skeletal Problems
		8-Various Skeletal Problems,
		9-Using Charcoal for Remedies
		10-Druds Vs. Natural Remedies
		11-Cardiac Health Fit
		12-Cancer-Causes and Help
		13-The Back
		14-Skeletal Injuries
		15-Diabetes and Treatments
19:184 - 3ABN-Wonderfully Made: 
		1-Fever and the Immune System
		2-Fever and Infections
		3-Vibrant Womanhood
		4-PMS (Post Menstrual Syndrome)
		5-Fertility and Infertility
		6-Womanhood During Pregnancy
		7-Womanhood and Fibroids
		8-Womanhood During the Golden Years
		9-Womanhood and Cancer
		10-Womanhood During Labor and Delivery
		11-Womanhood and Postpartum...
		12-Weight Loss
		13-Type Two Diabetes
		14-Plant Foods
		16-Sun Exposure  

Mar-Apr 15

		Here are the meanings of the various codes used below and elsewhere:
	SDA = Seventh-day Adventist
	TT = Truth Triumphant (Bill Hughes)
	PCTN = Prophecy Countdown Television Network
	MM = Modern Manna (Danny Vierra)
	ADTV = Amazing Discoveries Television
	3ABN = Three Angelís Broadcasting Network
	SLS-TV = Smart Lifestyle TV (Loma Linda)
	AF & QH = Amazing Facts and Quiet Hour
	AFTV = Amazing Facts TV (Doug Batchelor)
	JHM = Judgment Hour Ministries
	GMI = Gospel Ministries International
	PTM = Present Truth Ministries
	HI = Hope International
	LfLM = Light for Life Ministry (David Kang)
	WRM = World Radio Ministry (Bob Trefz)
		Now to the DVD list:
19:185 - Bill Hughes 
		Rev. 14 - should be played between 19:121 & 122. Intro to the Three Angelís Messages
19:186 - TT - Bill Hughes 
		Dealing with the Lordís Anointed
19:187 - TT - Bill Hughes - In Loma Linda, CA 
		1-Feast Days
		3-Middle East Crisis
19:188 - TT - Bill Hughes - In Colton, CA 
		1-Troubler in Israel
		2-Are You A Good or A Bad SDA? 
		3-Atonement Now
		5-The First Angleís Message
		6-The Second Angleís Message
		7-Hoda Hughes: Her Testimony and Bible Study
		8-The Third Angelís Message
19:189 - TT - Bill Hughesís Church Sabbath School
		1-Giants in the World Today
		2-The Second Angelís Message
		7: Melchizadec
		4-Once Saved-Always Saved
		5-Earl Evans the Story of Jesus
		6-P. Praino The Armor of God
		7-Samuelís Godís Glory
		8-Reginold Martha The Sanctuary
19:190 - PCTN 
		1-Dr. Milton Teske: A Call to Fasting
		2-John Osborne: Q&A
19:191 - PCTN - Campmeeting
		1-Kenny Shelton: The Feast of Tabernacles	
		2-Bill Hughes: Daniel 11:40-45
		3-Dennis Crystal: Sure Foundation of Adventism
		4-Dr. Al Scott: Godís New Covenant
19:192 - Mark Maccarone 
		Ring of Gold, 2 parts
19:193 - Mark Maccarone 
		1-The Falling Away
		2-Babylon Revealed
19:194 - Modern Manna - Danny Vierra, Lifestyle for Excellent Health, (Made from the first 3 tapes of 6) 
		1-Intro: Eating Smart
		3 parts on Cooking 
		3 parts on ďTime to Eat,Ē 
		4-State of Health in America
		5-movie on health problems
		8-The Dangers of Animal Products
		13-Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet
19:195 - Modern Manna - Danny Vierra, Lifestyle for Excellent Health, (Made from the last 3 tapes of 6) 
		3 parts on Cooking 
		3 parts on ďTime to Eat,Ē 
		3 parts Natural Remedies from Your Kitchen
		3-Natural Remedies: The 8 Laws of Health
		7-Let Food Be Thy Medicine
		11-Health and Healing for Your Children
	OPn the next three DVDs, many of the speakers have no title and I have not had time to listen and make up a title.  
	There are also many missing parts in the following DVDs.
19:196 - PCTN - Printed Page Campmeeting 1993
		1-Bob Trefz
		2-Les Balsiger: Jesus Is the Way
		3-Bob Trefz,
		5-Bob Trefz
		6-Bob Trefz
		7-John Osborne: The Sanctuary-Part 1
19:197 - PCTN - Printed Page Campmeeting 1993
		2-Bob Trefz
		3-John Osborne: The Sanctuary-Part ?
		4-Danny Vierra: Ye Are the Light of the World
		5-Carey Rolandson: Eliminating the Bible, Great Controversy, etc.
19:198 - PCTN - Printed Page Campmeeting 1993
		1-Rick Breckenridge: The Need of Christ
		2-Danny Vierra: Be Vigilante and Be Alert
		3-David Musodale
		4-John Grosboll (only last half)
		5-John Grosboll
19:199 - PCTN - Behold the Lamb Campmeeting 1993
		1-Kenny Shelton: Greatest Battle Ever Fought (spelling error on DVD)
		2-Adam and Eve Separated
		3-John Osborne: Every Wind of Doctrine
		4-Kenny Shelton: Turning Defeat into Victory
		5-Les Balsiger: Home Churches
		6-John Osborne: Come Out of Babylon
		7-Les Balsiger: Godís True Church
19:200 - ADTV - 6 Misc. Programs, some are non-SDA 
		1-Scripture Mysticisms: The Forgotten Dream
		2-Episode III-Theodicy: Good God, Bad World??  
		3-Adullam Films: Tares Among the Wheat
		4-Mightier than the Sword
		5-Unusual Films: Bob Jones University (Mormon)
		6-Diantics-The Evolution of Science
20:1   - ADTV - Brian Neumann - Changes in Our Religion
		1-The Trinity: A Doctrine in the Balance
		2-Man Centered Religion
		3-Changing Our Religion (COR): Alpha and Omega
20:2   - ADTV - Brian Neumann - The Crisis Hour
		1-Premise and Authority
		2-The Nation of Israel
		3-A New Nation
		4-Seven Years of Tribulation
		5-Where Do the 2300 Begin? 
		6-Second Chance: Secret Rapture...
		7-The Seven Year Separation
		8-Elijah the Tishbit
		9-Is there A Second Chance? 
		10-The Secret Rapture
		11-The Book of Daniel
20:3   - ADTV - Victor Gill - Beaming the Truth
		1-Revelation Predicts a Seven Year Blackout
		2-Are Yuou Ready? 
		3-Do the Dead Speak to Us? 
		4-Bible Answers: Secret Rapture
		6-The Eminent Collapse
		7-The Repeat of History
		8-Escaping the Turmoil
		9-The Judgment Has Begun
		10-What Happens During the Judgment? 
		11-Why Crime, Lawlessness...?
20:4   - ADTV - Gerhard Padderetz - Series title: Faith in Times Like These
		1-Faith in Times Like These
		2-The US in Prophecy
		3-Heading for Christian Theocracy
		4-The Picture of God
		5-The Prediction
		6-The Limits of Godís Power
		7-The New Heart
		8-Right and Wrong Worship
20:5   - ADTV - Daniel Pel 
		1-The Shaping Factor (TSF): Counteracting...
		2-TSF: Lest We Hinder The Gospel of Christ
		3-TSF: Agents of Reconciliation
		4-The Truth About Temptation
		5-The Unhindered Gospel (UG)
		6-UG: Immune to the Gospel
		7-UG: Temporal Pursuits and Eternal Realities
		8-The Hardest Prayer
20:6   - ADTV - Dan Gabbert - 
		1-RR: How God Teaches Us
		2-Remedies for the Remnant (RR-maybe part 1)
		3-RR: For Those of Us Laboring for Jesus
		4-RR: ??
		5-Armor of Light
		6-Watch and Pray
		7-Through Different Eyes (TDE): Somebody Knew What to Do
		8-TDE: This Is Life Eternal
		9-TDE: Afraid of Being Rejected
		10-TDE: What Happened to the Disciples of Jesus? 
		11-TDE: Understanding About Why Things Happen
		12-TDE: Iím Not Doing Good Enough
		13-TDE: Can A Christian Be Perfect? 
		14-TDE: The Works Jesus Came to do on Earth
		15-TDE: Looking Forward to the Results of Christís Return
		16-TDE: Godís Desire for Each One of Us
		17-TDE: The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me...
		18: TDE A Strife Among the Disciples (Most are my titles and may be wrong)
20:7   - Faith Camp(meeting) 2009 (no titles) 
		1-David Gates
		2-Natalie Wood: Prayer
		3-Ralph and Delores Rhyne: Mission Work
		4-David Gates. 
		5 & 6-Jose and Adel Torres
		7 - David Gates (who has very great faith in flying and satellite TV)
20:8   - Faith Camp(meeting) 2009 
		1-Ralph and Delores Rhyne
		2-Jon Wood
		3-David Gates (ends early)
		4-Natalie Wood
		5-David Gates
		6-Q & A
		7-Ralph and Delores Rhyne (There are likely many missing parts)
20:9   - Faith Camp(meeting) 2010 
		1-David Gates
		2-Martin Kim
		3-Jon Wood
		4-Shahbaz Bakhshnia
		5-Hernandez Family
		6-Mandigo Family
		7-Cassandra Jones
20:10  - Faith Camp(meeting) 2010 
		1-Ralph and Delores Rhyne
		2-Jon Wood
		3-David Gates
		4-Becky Gates
		5-Jon Wood
		6-David Gates
20:11  - Faith Camp(meeting) 2010 
		1-Leroy Sharon
		2-David Gates
		3-Mike Avaylon
20:12  - 3ABN - Wonderfully Made - Health 
		1-Heart Rhythms
		2-Valvular Heart Disease
		5-Activated Charcoal 
		7-Adult Diseases
		8-The Brain
		9-Depression Recovery
		10-Public Health Education
		11-Crisis in Dementia
		12-Crisis...for Teens and young Adults
		13-Crisis...for Older Adults
		14-Physical Exercise and Diabetes
		15-Physical Activity and Cancer
		16-When the Heart Attacks
20:13  - 3ABN - Wonderfully Made - Health 
		2-Diets of the Bible
		3-Avoiding Cancer
		4-High Blood Pressure
		5-Coronary Artery Disease
		6-Prediabetes and Diabetes
		7-Problems with the Prostate
		8-The Concepts of Primitive Medicine
		9-Diabetes and Primitive Medicine
		10-A Physically Active Life
		11-A Physically Active Lifestyle
		12-A Physically Active Lifestyle (part 6)
		13-My Cardial  Infarction
		14-The Treatment of Heart Attacks
		15-Stress and How to Overcome It
		16-Bad Habits that Cause Heart Disease
20:14  - 3ABN - Stephen Bohr 
		1-Johnís Great Disappointment
		2-We Thought He Was the Redeemer
		3-The Pentecost Disappointment 
		4-Who Shall Be Able to Stand? 
		5-Rich, Busy, Distracted and Lost
		6-God on Trial: Theology of Job
		7-God on Trial: Theology of Job-part 2
		8-The Final Apostasy
20:15  - 3ABN - GYC January 2015 
		1-Pr. S Bohr: Jesusís Words on the Cross
		2-Pr. S Bohr: Before Creation-9 Items
		3-Pr. S Bohr: Paul-Apostle of Good Works
		4-David Shin: Worry Is Blind
20:16 - SLS-TV - Practical Living - Loma Linda Health - 
	(SLS = Smart Lifestyle-This series is the one that I like the best of what I have watched) 
		2-Trust in Divine Power
		3-Alztimers Disease
		6-Alztimerís  Disease (may be duplicate of #3) 
		7-Disease of the Gastrointestinal Track
		8-Jesus and the 8 Doctors, 9-??
20:17 - SLS-TV - Cooking, Misc. - Loma Linda Health 
		2-(late) Brain-Part 1
		3 & 4-Cooking
		5-(late) Osteoporosis
		7-Never Too Old
		8-Steve Arrington: High on Adventure
20:18 - AF & QH (Quit Hour) - Revelation 
		1-Cosmic Conflict
		2-The Final Events of Bible Prophecy
		3-Revelation: The Bride-the Beast and Babylon
		5-Behind the Scenes
		6-John; Christ: 3 Angels and Great Commission
20:19 - AFTV & 3ABN - Marriage and Health +Music 
		1-Creating a Spiritual Marriage in Your Home
		2-Stress and Your Child
		3-Serenade: Music and Worship-Part 9
		4-Wedlock Become Unholy Deadlock
		7-Fresh Air
		8 & 9-Metabolic Syndrome
		10-Bernell Baldwin PhD& Mr. Sherman MD
20:20 - Very Misc. 2 SDA & 2 non-SDA 
		1.Scott Edwards: Great Controversy Escalation
		2-Mysteries of the Pyramids
		3-Whitman Sr.: Decoding the Secret of Gizeh
		4-Walter Veith: Mysteries of the Sun
20:21 - Pharmakeia: The Sorcererís Wand 
		2-A Tainted History
		3-Prescription for Disaster
		4-Sorcererís Wand Unmasked
		5-Counterfeiting Life and Health
20:22 - Misc. SDA - 3 Speakers
		1-The Circulatory System: Where is Your Heart? 
		2-The Muscular System
		3-Emotions are Skin Deep
		4-Counterfeit Religion
		5-How Does the Bible Describe A Christian? 
		6-The Gospel in Threes
		7-The Parable of the Wheat (Theet) and the Tares
20:23 - HOPE-TV - Go Healthy for Good 
		2-Hits that Cause Depression
		3-Reform Depression
		5-Our Brain and Memory
		6-Are You Getting Enough Fruits and Vegetables? 
		7-Falls in the Elderly
		8-TMD Causes Pain, etc.
20:24 - Dr. Willard Regester - The Call, Task, Power 
		1-My Testimony
		2-What Time Is It?
20:25 - JHM - Paul Rahoi 
		Do Jesus Pictures Violate Godís Law?
20:26 - Coos Bay Campmeeting - 3 speakers
		1-The Two Beasts of Revelation 13-conclusion
		2-Benson Nganga: A Finish Work
		3 & 4-Graham Bergham: A Law of Righteousness
		6-Sunday Worship
20:27 - GMI - India Face to Face
		2-I Had A Vision
		3-Our Own Flesh
		4 & 5-The Rain
		6-The Partner Ship
		7-Brainless Fellows
		8-Keys to the Culture
		9-After the Wars
		Last two are Bonuses
20:28 - GMI - India Face to Face
		1-The Sorcerer
		2-Clever Fables
		3-The Big Hill
		4-The Rain Village
		6-Harvest of Praise 
		Last one is a Bonus
20:29 - 2007 Campmeeting. (volume varies a lot)
		1-The Physiology of the Mind
		2-Dennis Crystal
		3-Clarence Settle: The Secret Truth About the 144,000
		4-Pastor Ric Dupperon & Tim Brezo
		5-Dutch Savage
20:30 - Shelem Fleming - 11/2007 - Duplicate of the first 3 on 20:22
20:31 - PCTN - Campmeeting
		1-Bill Hughes: A Mighty Reformation
		2-Kenny Shelton: Is the Blood on the Lentil? 
		3 & 4-Dr. Phil Collins
20:32 - Maurice Berry 
		1-Daniel 2
		2-Iron & Clay
		4-The Comforter: Which is the Holy Ghost
20:33 - Sacramento, CA SDA Church Seminar: 
		The Emerging Church, New SDA Theology, 6 parts (no titles) + Q & A
20:34 - Metro Angels - Great Controversy chapter 35
		Liberty of Conscience - 3 parts text only on screen, plus video scenes.	
20:35 - Present Truth Ministry - Phillip Rivera - 
		1 & 2-Holy Spirit
20:36 - YouTube - Andrew Henriquez 
		SDAís join the UN saying ďPeace and SafetyĒ...Sudden Destruction
20:37 - Al & Collette Martin - New Age Deceptions,
		1-Behind the Rainbow: Colored Glasses
		2, 3 & 4-Cry for Our Children
		5, 6, 7 & 8-Battle for the Mind
20:38 - Preparing for Pestilence 
20:39 - Hope International - 1987 Campmeeting 
		1-Dr. Sparks: The Right Arm of the Message
		2, 3, & 4-Phil Brewer
		2-The Breath of Life
		3-Rest in the Lord
		4-Living Waters
20:40 - non-SDA 
		1-Harvard Lymar 1998: Mad Cow Disease
		2-Pastor Jose Rivera: From then Until Now (meat)
20:41 - non-SDA 
		1-Wake Up Call,
		2-Alex Jones: The Fall of the Republic
		3-30 Facts (very bad music)
		4-It Is Coming
		5-Molecular Terrorism
20:42 - Light for Life Ministries - David Kang - Korean audio + English text
		2 parts - Present Day Deuteronomy, Prepare to Meet Thy God
20:43 - WRM 2001 NW Retreat 
		1-Attn. D. Larson: The Supreme Court and Religious Liberty
		2-Atty. J. Brownlee & Luther Trefz: Legal Problems
		3-Bob trefz: Whom Say Ye that I AM? 
		4-Raphael Perez: Upon this Rock I will Build My Church
	It is possible that some of these may duplicate some other DVDs.  
	Also it is possible that I may have made a mistake on some listings.  
	There are also typing errors on the video title tests (one listed above).  
	Those that I did not make the master DVD may seem very different to what else I produce.
20:44 - Dennis Crystal from Laymen United for Truth at our local church
			1-Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
			2-The Wise Will Understand...
			3-Truth Falling in the Street (includes the first part of AIt Can=t Happen Here!
			4-Second part of It Can't Happen Here!
20:45 What to Do in A Radiation Crisis
20:46-49 - Women's Ordination to Pastors.
		Remember that all of these speakers are conference supporters.  
		We should provide these for those who want to influence the General Conference=s decisions.
		Here are the titles and speakers names of these studies: 
20:46 - 
			1-Pastor Stephen Bohr: Introduction of the Subject and Symposium Details
			2-Laurel Damsteegt: The Impact of Spiritualism on Feminism and Gender Issues
			3-Dr. Mario Veloso: From Mohaven to TOSC: How We Got Here
			4-Dr. John Peters: Male Headship in the Old Testament
			5-Dr. Ingo Sorke: Male Headship in the New Testament
			6-First Panel discussion: Hermeneutics: Universal Principles and Local Application
20:47 - 
			1-Eugene Prewitt: Straw Man Arguments in Favor of Women=s Ordination
			2-Pastor Don Mackintosh: The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy
			3-Pastor Jim Howard: The Third Option: A Way Forward of A Step Backwards? 
			4-Pastor Daniel Mesa: Are Liturgical and Organizational Matters Important? 
			5-Second Panel Discussion: Regional Ordination: A Path to Congregationalism? 
			6-Dojcin Zivadinovic: Reply to NAD and Other Pro-Women=s Ordination Arguments
20:48 - 
			1-Phil Mills: Women=s Ordination and the Jerusalem Council
			2-Dr. Isaac Olatunji: Ellen White=s View of Women in Ministry
			3-Pastor Don Mackintosh: The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy
			4-Julie Mesa: Male and Female Created He Them
			5-Dr. Raymond Holmes: My Story and the Hermeneutical Question
			6-Dr. Allen Davis PhD. Spiritual Gifts and Church Office
20:49 - 
			1-Third Panel Discussion: The Priesthood of All Believers
			2-Pastor Kevin Paulson: Counterfeit Spirituality, Counterfeit Salvation, and the Ordination Controversy; 
			3-Fourth Panel Discussion: Town Hall Meeting
	3ABN was at a unique production in San Antonio, Texas in mid April.  
		This series of meetings are titled Your Best Pathway to Health.  
		They had many doctors, nurses and dentists who all donated time 
		and work for anyone who could come and needed any kind of treatment 
		that they could not afford to pay for.   
		All of this work was for over 6,000 people and it was done FREE!  
		This was a first time event for such a series of meetings and maybe 
		its results will be shown to be a great blessing and maybe it will be 
		repeated in many areas (I hope).  
		It seems to me to be a great application of complete health and religious messages.  
		Unfortunately, two of the programs were broadcast longer than listed, so I missed the end of them.  
		They may have made other changes that I missed.  
		All titles are mine based on early comments (if I came up with anything).
20:50 - 3ABN...Health: 
			1-Frank Fournier: It's Going to Happen
			2-Don Mackintosh: Daniel 9 and Health Evangelism
			3-Mark Finley: Why Are You Doing This? 
			4-Natasha Nobblett: Christ's Method Alone
			5-GC Pres. Ted N.C. Wilson: No title, ends early
20:51 - 3ABN...Health: 
			1-Misc. Reports
			2-Mark Finley: Josiah=s War
		(The next two are called "Night Light" programs done after the evening programs are over.  
		I may have missed one or two.) 
			3-San Antonio Witnessing
			4-More of the same
11:46 - Pastor Bill Hughes Studies on Ezekiel: 
			1-Hope Beyond Fading Dreams
			2-The Call
			3-The Warning Audio Fails
			4-The Remnant Never Fails
			5-The Mark
			6-The Departing
			7-The Leaky Fence
			8-Though Daniel, Noah or Job: 
			9-The Forgetful Harlot
11:47 Pastor Bill Hughes Studies on Ezekiel continued: (part 10 not available): 
			11-The Accountable
			12-The Rebellious
			13->Till He Come
			14-Aholah and Alolibah
			15-Judgment on Ammon, Moab and Ty
			16-Tyre and Papal Rome Fall
			17-Egypt Falls (plays only 14 minutes)
11:48 - Pastor Bill Hughes Studies on Ezekiel continued: 
			18-True and False Watchmen
			19-Going Home
			20-Valley of Dry Bones
			21-The Tale of Two Sticks
			22-Final Battle of Gog and Maygog
			23-Footsteps of an Approaching God
			24-Flowing River
			25-Dividing the Land
11:49 - Pastor Bill Hughes on Elijah - 
			1-The Backdrop
			4-The Troubler
			5-The Elijah Message
			6-Preparation for Rain
			7-On the Run
			8-Naboth is Cut Down
			9-Ahaziah Dies
11:50 - Pastor Bill Hughes at our local church: 
			1-Pete Sanchez: Introduction; 
			2-Bud VanCamp: Testimony; 
			3-Bill Hughes: Indiana, Arizona Sunday Law; 
			4-Pete Sanchez: Introduction #2; 
			5-Bud VanCamp: Testimony #2; 
			6-Rebecah, A Woman of Privilege; 
			7-Touching the Lord=s Anointed; 
			8-Q & A; 
			9-Baptism at Pete=s home
20:52 - Pr. Stephen Bohr: Great Apostasies of the Bible: DUPL. 17:43, 19:163 are alike, but miss the last 4 parts here
			1-Four Steps to Ruin
			2-Vanity of Vanities
			3-The Holy and the Profane
			4-Rebellion Is as Witchcraft
			5-The Traitor
			6-The Overmastering Delusion
			7-God's Antidote for Itching Ears
20:53 - Pastor Stephen Bohr: The Three Elijahs - 
			1-The Historical Elijah
			2-The Prophetic Elijah
			3-The Middle Ages Elijah
			4-The Apocalyptic Elijah
20:54 - Walter and Sonica Veith: All the Way My Saviour Leads Me, parts 1, 2 & 3 (no sub-titles, these are interviews.)
20:55 - Walter and Sonica Veith: All the Way My Saviour Leads Me, parts 4, 5 & 6
20:56 - Thomas A. Bentley: Have You Swallowed the Hock? (These are a very good series against Evolution): 
			1-There is No...Creation, 
			2-You Have No Choice, 
			3-Love Is Just A Chemical Impulse, 
			4-There Are No Miracles, 
			5-A 21st Century...10th Century Worldview, 
			6-Only Evolution Fits the Data
20:57 - (Additions to 19:89): 
			1-High Tech Addictions, 
			2-Captivated Finding Freedom from Medai
20:58 - 3ABN: Anchor Bible School-Live: 
			1-Jim Gilley: The Words of William Miller; 
			2-Shelley Quinn: Lazareth, Martha and Mary; 
			3-Pastor Stephen Bohr: 
			4-Sun God and 666; 
			5-Pastor Kenny Shelton: Mine Eyes Have Seen the King; 
			5-Pastor John Lomacang,: Enduring to the End (No doubt there were some missed.)
3:15 - PCTN at Steps to Life, the very first satellite broadcasts: 
			1-Open and Song Service, 
			2-Introduction and Prayers and Special Music and Reports, 
			3-Sabbath School: John Osborne: Will I Be Ready for the Second Advent? 
			4-Sharing Time, 
			5-Interlude with Bob Silverman (deceased), 
			6-Church Introduction with Prayer and Music etc., 
			7-John Grosboll: Are You Ready for the End at This Hour? 
			8-Music Program, 
			9-Dedication of the Steps to Life Facilities, 
			10-Roundtable: What Is Happening to the Organization? (22 years ago.)
20:59 - Pastor J. R. Cofer: The Gospel of Health - 
			1-Faith of the Saints, 
			2-Daniel 8 and the Mystery of Time Prophecy, 
			3-Daniel 9 and the Prophecy of the Messiah, 
			4-The Prophetic Saints of Daniel and Revelation, 
			5-2300 Days and the Sanctuary Cleansing
20:60 - Pastor J. R. Cofer: The Gospel of Health - 
			1 & 2-The Protestant Reformation
11:51 - Pr. Bill Hughes 
			1-Awesome Deliverance, 
			2-The Gospel About Jesus Only, 
			3-Submissive Carpenter, 
			4-Jesus and His Brothers, 
			5-Joseph and His Brothers, 
			6-The Judgment of the Living, 
			7-A Gold Mine to Share, 
			8-Pope Francis 1: In Light of Prophecy, 
11:52 - Present Truth Ministries (PTM-local home church) 
			1-Pete Sanchez: Introduction; 
			2-Bud VanCampís Testimony; 
			3-Bill Hughes: Indiana, Arizona and Sunday Law; 
			4-Pete: Intro #2, 
			5-Bud VanCampís Second Testimony; 
			6-Bill Hughes: Rebecah, A Woman of Privilege (Amazing Grace #5); 
			7-Touching the Lordís Anointed; 
			8-Q & A; 
			9-Baptism at Peteís home
11:53 - Pr. Bill Hughes not at home 
			1-Exodus 14:13 Fear Ye Not, Stand Still, 
			2-Study Daniel 4, Nebuchadnezzarís Dream, 3-Daniel 
			3-Walking in Fire, 
			4-Q & A
11:54 - Pr. Bill Hughes 
			1-Footsteps of an Approaching God, 
			2-Near Miss: Obama Failed..., 
			3-Intro. To the 3 Angelís Messages, 
			4-The Third Angleís Message, 
			5-Spiritual Formations, 
			6-Ted Wilson: GC Saint or Snake? 
			8-Massacre in Paris
11:55 - Truth Triumphal (Bill Hughesís Church) Sabbath School Classes: 
			1-Political Correctness, 
			2-Godís People Self-Sufficient? 
			3-Heart Made Free, 
			4-Can Anybody Save us? 
			5-The Investigative Judgment, 
			6-GPS = Godís Plan of Salvation, 
			7-The Church vs. Christ (Matt. 15), 
			8-Promise, Hope and Condemnation
11:56 - More Sabbath School Classes 
			1-The Mixed Multitude and Their Food, 
			2-The Remnant, 
			3-ďProphets and KingsĒ for Today, 
			4-Going Unto Perfection, 
			5-Faith in Hebrews 11, 
			6-The Tem Commandments in the New Testament, 
			7-Reginald Martha: The Sanctuary, 
			8-Hope for the Heathen
20:61 - ADTV - Thomas Jackson 
			1-Intro.: Who Is Called, 
			2-True Medical Missionary Work, 
			3-How Is This to Be Carried Out?
20:62 - ADTV - Victor Gill: Beaming the Truth (BT) 
			1-The Beast, Identity & 666 (#2), 
			2-Two Covenants Sealed with Blood, 
			3-Godís Design for Good Health, Bible Prophecy, 
			5-Are the Dead Really Dead? 
			6-True Prophets Verses False Prophets, 
			7-Babylon in Sheepís Clothing, (end of BT), 
			8-A Counterfeit Law, 
			9-Leaving the World Behind, 
			10-Keep Looking to Jesus
20:63 - AFTV - White Horse Media (WH): Bible Alive (BA): some with Danny Vierra 
			1-A Spiritual Appetite, 
			2-Facing Lifeís Challenges, 
			3-Communication in Marriage, 
			4-Blended Families, 
			5-Domestic Violence, 
			6-The Prodical Child, 
			7-Dealing with Anger, 
			8-Domestic Violence (DUPL?), 
			9-Blended Families (DUPL?), 
			10-Dealing with Anger (DUPL?), 
			11-Attitude in Healing, 
			12-The State of Health in America, BA: 
			13-Husbands Love Your Wives, 
			15-Modern Manna Introduction
20:64 - Pr. Maurice Berry at the Wilderness Church (WA) 
			1-A Nation Not Desired, 
			2-The Beatitudes: Part 1, 
			3-Bible Mysteries, 
			4-Thrust in Thy Sword: Part 3, 
			5-Q & A + Movie on Satanic Symbols
20:65 - Continued - (Some missing Pats) 
			1-Thrust in Thy Sickle: Part ?, 
			2-Thrust in Thy Sickle: Part 1, 
			3-Thrust in Thy Sickle: Part 4, 
20:66 - Pr. John R. Cofer: Gospel of Health - 14 parts, 
			no titles Each part is a segment of a longer study.  
			Some parts may be missing.
20:67 - Pr. Kenny Shelton:  PTM 
			1-Pete Sanchez: Introduction; 
			2-Scripture and Chris Shelton: Reports; 
			3-In A Matter of Months, Prayers, Talk, Scripture; 
			5- Chris Talks more; 
			6-Ignorant of His Devices, 
			7-Closing Hymn; 
			8-Prayer and Scripture; 
			9-Chrisís Talk and Prayer, 
			10-Blindness of the People, 
			11-Closing Hymn and Benediction
20:68 	A very good friend of mine in Indiana, Joel Laswell, produced a number of programs 
		especially for non-SDAs.  Therefore, his programs are titled ďThe Bible Only.Ē  
		His ministry is The Eternal Truth Ministry (ETM).  
		He gave me permission recently to put all of the tapes that I had onto DVDs 
		and give those away, so here they are:
			1-He Will Draw You, 
			2-Veiled in Humanity, 
			3 to 6-Has Elijah Arrived? Parts 1-4, 
			7-Halloween: The Devilís Dark Day, 
			8-Is Easter Really Christian?
20:69 - ETM 
			1-A Lesson for Fathers, 
			2-What is Truth? Part 1, 
			3-What Is Truth? Part 2, 
			4-Trust but Verify, 
			5-If Satan Was Your Pastor, 
			6-Songs of Thanksgiving, 
			7-One in 84 Googols
20:70 - Pr. John Osborne: Story of Our Redemption 
			2-Satanís War in Heaver: Adam and Eve, 
			3-Adam and Eve Sin, 
			4-Noah Has Been Building the Ark, 
			5-Looking for a Wife for Isaac
20:71 - Continued 
			1-Family of Jacob, 
			2-Where the children of Israel Are, 
			3-Moses, Joshua and Amalek, 
			4-Spies Go into the Land of Canaan, 
			5-Entering Canaan
	This next DVD is only parts 11 & 12 of a 30 part series that was sent to me.  
	It was produced by Secrets Unsealed of Pr. Stephen Bohr.  
	It is called ďAnchorĒ and it is part of the ďSchool of Theology.Ē
20:72 - Series title: Christ is the Center of Bible Prophecy 
			1-Daniel 3: The Sun God, 
			2-Esther, Haman and Mordecai: Examples of End Time Events
	There are a number of short studies on ADTV.  
	So I add a few of them at the end of some other programs, not related.  
	These are News:
20:73 		1-GMO: Food Allergens & Gluten Sensitivity, 
			2-Unnatural Selection (Re: GMO), 
			3-Our Fascinating Universe, 
			4-Dianetics and Scientology: True or Deceptions, 
			5-Herodís Temple, 
			6-Messages from Heaven (bad music at end), 
			7-Changing the Heart of the Nation, (News:) 
			8-Pope Francis and Evangelicals, 
			9-Obama and the Constitution, 
			10-East Africa to Use Common Dollars, 
			11-Germany Rising to...Power
20:74 - ADTV - Misc. Health and Cooking 
			1-Health and Cooking, 
			2-Veggie Benedicts, 
			3-Pumpkin Muffins, 
			4- Quinoa & Dal Soups, 
			5-Dr. McDougall: Five Dietary Myths, 
			6-GMO: Food Allergens and Gluten Sensitivity, 
			7-On Vaccines: The Greater Good, 
			8-RMC: Total Health, Part 1, 
			9-The Earth: Foundation of Health
20:75 - ADTV - Walter Veith 
			1-Angels in Disguise, 
			2-Rise and Shine, 
			3-Without Spot or Wrinkle, 
			4-Speak to the Rock, 
			6-Double Portion, 
			7-Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing
20:76 - ADTV - Francois DuPleesis: Digging Up the Past 
			1-Three Keys to Unlocking Mysteries of the Bible, 
			2-The Exodus: Frogs Gnats Flies, 
			3-The Exodus: The Plagues Begin, 
			4-The Egypt Land of Mosesís Time, 
			5-The Passover, 
			6-Nineveh Discovered
20:77 - ADTV - Kameron DeVasher 
			1-Give: Give, 
			2-Killing the Fat King, 
			3-Lesson from Egypt, 
			4-We All Die Young, 
			5-True Unity, 
			6-Heaven on Earth, 
			7-Lessons from Egypt (DUPL?) 
			8-Lessons from Egypt (DUPL?)
			9-The Apostle Peter, 
			10-The Second Jerusalem Counsel
20:78 - ADTV - Kameron DeVasher 
			1, 3, 4 The Other Side of Pentecost (Part 2 missing)
20:79 - ADTV - Kameron DeVasher: Studies in Ministry 
			1-The Ministry of Angles, 
			2-The Model Minister, 
			3-Ministry in the early church, 
			4-Doing the Wrong Job Well
11:57 - TT - Pr. Bill Hughes, Amazing Grace: Several of these had no title.  
			3-The Samaritan..., 
			5-(pt. 6) They Did not Know Yet: Giants...,  
			6 (pt. 7) Hannah-Plagued by Polygamy, 
			7 (pt, 8) Strange Battle Plans, 
			8-(pt. 9) Woman of Ill Repute
11:58 - Pr. Bill Hughes - Old Testament Feast Days.  I do not have titles for most of them.  
			The last one is a duplicate subject done by a Sabbath School teacher: The Feast of Tabernacles
20:80 - the one we mailed to almost everyone.  Phillip Rivera
20:81 - ADTV - Bible Answers with Victor Gill and Walter Veith.  These are short so I have 18 studies. 
			Since the questions make long titles, I had to condense them and at least one has a spelling error.  
			I will list a couple of subjects: 
			3-Why Should We Pray If God Knows All?  
			17-Did Jesus Die on Wednesday?
20:82 - ADTV - Walter Veith and Francois DuPlessis - The Whole Truth 
			2-The Signs of His Coming, 
			4-Clean and Unclean, 
			5-The Science of Archaeology, 
			6-Death and Hades, 
			7-The Mark of the Beast, 
			The next are AD News-Part 8 to 15
20:83 - TT - Pr. Bill Hughes 
			1-Footsteps of an Approaching God, 
			2-Near Miss-Obama Failed..., 
			3-Introduction to the Three Angels Messages, 
			4-The Third Angelís Message, 
			5-Spiritual Formations, 
			6-Are You A Good or A Bad SDA? 
			7-Ted Wilson: Saint or Snake?, 
			8-Dealing with the Lordís Anointed.
20:84 - TT - Pr. Bill Hughes in Colton, California 
			1-Al-Queda, ISIS, CIA & Papacy: Connected? 
			2-Music, Baptism & Introduction, 
			3-John the Baptist Preaching...Matthew 3, 
			4-Prophecy Update: Raising the Trumpet
20:85 - TT - Pr. Bill Hughes, Prophecy Arises (some parts missing) 
			1-Part 4; The Real Antichrist of Scripture, 
			2-Part 5:Indiana, Arizona and Sunday. 
			3-Part 6: CIA, Heroin and War, 
			4-Part 7: CIA, Heroin and War Part 2, (not related) 
			5-Pope Francis speaks to Congress, 
			6-Order Out of Chaos
		Next 5 are (Bill Hughesís) Truth Triumphant Sabbath School classes, other speakers   
		Titles are often my own based on the first few words
20:86 - TT SS 
			1-The Old Testament and the Sabbath Nailed to the Cross? 
			2-Is the Atonement Done at the Cross? 
			3-Christ Our Saviour, 
			4-Righteousness By Faith, 
			5-Outline in Revelation, 
			6-Uplifting the Saviour, 
			7-The Lordís Prayer, 
20:87 - TT SS 
			1-The Judgment, 
			2-Chapter one of the Great controversy, 
			3-Hebrews Chapter 2, Jesusís Humanity, 
			4-The Theology and Nature of Man, 
			5-The Ultimate Giver, 
			6-Salvation By Works? 
			7-Righteousness By Faith (Duplicate?), 
			8-Let Us Hold Fast to Our Faith
20:88 - TT SS 
			1-What Is the Church? 
			2-An Outline in Revelation, 
			3-I Have Salvation By Works (Duplicate?), 
			4-Faith and Its Importance, 
			5-Feast of Tabernacles, 
			6-Righteousness By Faith: Galatians 3 (Duplicate?), 
			7-The Remnant: Part 2 (no Part 1), 
			8-The History of the Sanctuary
20:89 - TT SS 
			1-Hope for the Heathen, 
			2-Major Troubles Coming, 
			3-Solomon: Dedication of the Temple, 
			4-The Flowing River, 
			5-The Old Testament is not Thrown Away, 
			6-Use the bible: Be Bereans, 
			7-Ceremonial Law, 
			8-Assembling of Our Selves Together
20:90 - TT SS 
			1-His Life Is Light (John 1:4, 5), 
			2-Godís Deliverance for His People, 
			3-The Sealing of Godís People, 
			4-A Promise to Israel: Isaiah 45, 
			6-Solomon Dedicated the Temple (Duplicate?), 
			8-The Sanctuary Sacrifices
		Evan Sadler had been at the General Conference Session and on his way back to New Zealand, he stopper here.) 
		These next two are recorded by me, and I have many small parts including song services.
20:91 - Evan Sadler - Two sermons are: By What Authority and Jacobís Ladder.
20:92 - Dennis Crystal at our church - 3 sermons: 
			1-As in the Days of Sodom and Gomorrah, 
			2-Aims of the Papacy 
			3-The Impending Conflict
20:93 - ADTV and Little Light Ministry 
			1-A Certain Sound Mode False Godís, 
			2-(late start, no title but dealing with problems of Viewing TV Program), 
			3-Pseudology: The Art of Lying, 
			4-Secret Spirit that are Behind Marshal Arts, 
			5-The Dragon Refvea;es
20:94 - ADTV Scott Ritsema: Media on the Brain - 
			1-Conformed or Transformed? 	
			2-The Spirit of the Music Industry, Musical Manipulation
20:95 - ADTV Dan Gabbert: Remedy for the Remnant +Music 
			1-How Does One Become One of the Elect? 
			2-Take No thought for Tomorrow, 
			3-I AM thy God: I will strengthen Thee, 
			4-Min-set that Joseph Had? 
			5-He that Is Faithful in That Which Is Least, 
			6-A Quick Glimpse at Godís Healing Ways, 
			7-Enter in at the Straight Gate, 
			8-If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee, 
			9-He Might Have Peace, 
			10-Christ Is Extremely Tired, 
			11-One Man Esteemeth One Day Above Another, 
			12-I Will Instruct Thee, 
		The next few are called "Through Different Eyes"=TDE) 
			13-Faithful to Your Post of duty, 
			14-Behold I Come Quickly, 
			15-Are Things All Right Between You and God? 
			16-When Things Do Not Turn Out My Way, 
			17-Find Freedom from Unhealthy Control, 
			18-Common Bible Problems for All Mankind, 
			19-Depression-Personal Value, 
			20-Fear of Suffering and Death, 
			21-Knowing Jesus Christ, 
			22 not TDE - A Foundation Question: Is Something Missing? 
			23-25 - Good Music
20:96 - ADTV 
			1-Martin Luther, 
			2-Ulrich, Zwingli & John Calvin, 
			3-Sattled and the Anabaptists, 
			4-Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated, 
			5-The Antichrist, 
			6-Jerusalem: A Place for God to Abide in Forever, 
			7-What the Rapture Left Behind, 
			8-What happens at death/ 9-Hell
20:97 - ADTV, News and Bible Q & A 
			1-Peter and the Sheep in a Vision, 
			2-Paul Is Hard to Understand, 
			3-Same Sex Marriage, 
			4-Home Schooling, 
			5-The Whore of Babylon in Revelation 17, 
			6-Sin Shall Not Have Dominion Over You, 
			7-Women in the church, 
			8-Should We be Looking to...Prophecy?  
			9-Evidence that the Dead do Speak to Us? 
			10-Didnít Jesus come to Ďend the Law' 
			11-Did Jesus Die on Wednesday or Friday? 
			12-Proper Posture of Prayer in church
20:98 - ADTV - Walter Veith 
			1-Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing, 
			2-I Think Therefore He Is, 
			3-The Advent Hope and Eternal Life, 
			4-A Price to Be Paid, 
			5-Without Spot or Wrinkle
20:99 - ADTV - Wes Peppers 
			1-Sanctuary, Surrender and the Spirit, part 1, 
			2-Sanctuary, Surrender and the Spirit, part 2, 
			3-Sanctuary, Surrender and the Spirit, part 3, 
			4-Godís Answer to Modern Atheism, 
			5-Godí Answer to the External Evidence, 
			6-Cancer, Crisis and the Cross
20:100 - ADTV - Gerhard Padderatz: Faith in Times Like These 
			1-The New Face of Christianity: Part 1 (only), 
			2-Faith... Postmodernism (late start), 
			2-Why We Can Rely on the Bible, 
			4-Step Off the Boat: The Miracle, 
			5-Zeitgeist: The Way We Think....
20:101 - ADTV - Hal Meyer 
			1-It Just Happened that Way; 
			2-Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Third Elijah; 
			3-Globalismís Last Stand, Part 1; 
			4-Globalismís Last Stand, Part 2
20:102 - 3ABN - White Horse Media 
			1-Dealing with Anger, 
			2-A Spiritual Appetite (last part), 
			3-Facing Lifeís challenges, 
			4-Communication in Marriage, 
			5-Blended Families, 
			6-Domestic Violence, 
			7-The Prodigal Child, 
			8-Dealing with Anger (duplicate), 
			9-Domestic Violence (duplicate), 
			10-Blended Families (duplicate), 
		These last two include Danny Vierra
			11-Attitude in Healing: Part 3 (only), 
			12-The State of Health in America
20:103 - HOPE-TV - Go Healthy for Good by Dr. Nerida 
			2-Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, 
			5-Chronic Bowel Disease, 
			6-Infant Heart Transplant, 
			7-Childrenís Heart Disease, 
			8-Breast Cancer
		PTM = Present Truth Ministries, our local church.
20:104 - PTM - Pr. Bill Hughes: 
			1-Intro and Hymn, 
			2-Glorious Land Assaulted, 
			3-Prayer, Testimony and Hymn, 
			4-Godís Other Book [Nature], 
			5-Prayer and Ethiopian Music, 
			6-The CIA, Catholic and Al Qaeda Connection, 
			7-Q & A
		This next DVD is the result of our church being asked to record our sermons and let them be broadcast 
		on Verde Valley TV (an SDA TV station).  I have sorted these by speaker.
20:105 - Pete Sanchez (owner of PTM): 
			1-The Seal of God, 
			2-Will the Majority Be Saved? 
			3-On the Edge of Time, 
			4-Warning to Godís People, 
		Dennis Walton: 
			5-Sanctification By the Truth, 
			6-Purifying the Church, 
			7-Hoe Does the Church Heal the Community?  
			8-Godís People Tested, 
		George Young (owns that TV station): 
			10-Aircraft Carrier, 
		Gordon Simkin: 
			13-Eternal Security (Once Saved, Always Saved)
20:106 - ADTV - Dr. Diane Burnett, Perfect Principle of Good Health: 
			1-Physiology of Addiction of the Mind, Part 1, 
			2-Part 2, 
			3-Physiology of Addiction-Rebuilding a Sound Mind, 
			4-The Appetite War, 
			5-Whatís Love to do wit It? Sugar: Good, Bad Hurt? 
			6-The Best Fats for Our Health
20:107 - ADTV - Dr. Diane Burnett, The Fountain of Youth: 
			1-The Laws of Life, 
			2-Homeland Security-Strengthening Out National Defense for Modern Plagues, 
				Overcoming the Top Causes of Death, 
			4-Cancer: When the Cells Break, 5-Protecting the Brain, 6-History and Heroes
20:108 - ADTV - Walter Veith: From Crete to Malta, Parts 1-3
20:109 - ADTV - Walter Veith: From Crete to Malta, Parts 4, 5
		Those of you who have ordered the complete series of Total Onslaught 
		were missing the next parts which I finally have permission to copy so you should order this next DVD
10:20 - Walter Veith - Total Onslaught #13 & 14 previously missing: 
			1-Battle of the Bibles, 
			2-Changing the Word-part 1, 
			3 & 4 parts 2 & 3
20:110 - Andreas Mellas: 
			1-Lessons from the Wilderness, 
			2-Alone, Yet Not Alone, 
			3-Behold He Prayeth, 
			4-Can These Bones Live? 
			5-One Thing Needful, 
			6-I Will Not Hold My Peace, 
			7-On the Boarder of the Promised Land, 
			8-Gideon Band
20:111 - Andreas Mellas: 
			1-A Holy Nation, 
			2-Seekers of a Heavenly Country, 
			3-Songs in the Night, 
			4-Prelude to Prayer, 
			5-The Marks of the Spiritual, 
			6-The Rechabites, 
			7-A Synopsis of the Crucified Life
20:112 - 3ABN - Wonderfully Made (WM-Health): 
			1-Caring for the Terminally Ill, 
			2-Integrated Medicine, 
			3-Sedentary Living and heart Disease, 
			4-Vital Roll of Exercise, 
			5-Diabetes-A Good Disease, 
			7-Weight Control, 
			8-Vitamins and Supplements, 
			9-The Metabolic Syndrome, 
		Not WM 
			10-Hildelisa Flickenger: Fresh Air, 
			11-The Bible and Physical Health
20:113 - Ivor Myers: 
			1-The Three Angelís Messages and the Loud Cry, 
			2-NEWSTART and the Sanctuary, 
			3-The Blue Print
20:114 - 3ABN Health for A Lifetime: 
			1-Colon Health, 
			3-Positive health Choices, 
			4-Overcoming Loss, 
			5-Kids and Work, 
			6-Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 
			7-A New Start, 
			8-Mental Health, 
			9-Health Updates, 
			10-Neurological (Pain, etc.)
20:115 - 3ABN - Health for a Lifetime: 
			2-Women's Health Issues, 
			3-Bodily Communication, 
			4-Back Pain (bad lip ssync error), 
			5-Our Skin #1, 
			6-  "   "  #2, 
			8-Concepts of Preventative Medicine, 
			9-Preventative Medicine and Diabetes, 
			10-Physically Active Life
20:116 - AFTV - Bible Alive: 
			1-Who Should Be the Head of the Home? 
			3-Bile Printe, 
			5-Revelation 14-the Three Angel's Messaged, 
			6-Rudy Hall, 
			8-Mark Howard
20:117 - AFTV - Bible Alive: 
			1-One More Week-SOdom+, 
			3-God's Healing Message, 
			4-Panel Q$A, 
			5-God Has a NEWTART Program for You, 
			6-Parts 3-6, 
			7-Parts 6-8, 
			8-Matthew 20-Who Writes the Contract? 
			9-John 2-The Wedding Feast, 
			10-Who Should Be the Boss of the Family (Dupl?)
20:118 - Dr. Robert Gentry 
			1-From Big Bang Cosmic Titanic to the Scientific Triumph of Jesus Christís 
			2-7th Day Creation Sabbath
20:119 - ADTV - Randy Skeete: 
			1-In the Meantime, 
			2-The Roots of Truth-Dust to Dust, 
			3-Cain and Able, 
		A Closer Look (series)
			4-Opposites Attract, 
			5-The Second Time Around, 
			6-Lost in Love, 
			7-Walking with Giants, 
			8-Better than the Best, 
			9-Gifts Are Received-Not Taken, 
			10-A Piece of Cake
20:120 - ADTV Victor Gill - The Narrow Way: 
			1-Defect of Consecration, 
			2-The Need of Victory, 
			3-Are You Starving Your Soul? 
			4-Praise Him, 
			5-Spiritual Suicide, 
			6-Ye Must Be Born Again, 
			7-Prayer Power, 
			8-Defective Consecration (Dupl.?), 
			9-Godís Desperate Need
20:121 - ADTV - Tom Bentley: 
			1-How to Think About Science and Evolution, Part 1, 
			2-Part 2
20:122 - Steps to Life - Dr. John Grosboll: 
			1-The Central Pillars of the Adventist Faith, 
			2-The People Who Are Called Out
20:123 - ADTV Dan Gabbert (long titles shortened)
			1-Godís Healing Way to...Repentance, 
			2-Godís Way...Healthy Mental...Warfare, 
			3-Godís Healing...The Laws...Mind & Heart, 
			4-Godís healing Forward Not Backward..., Godís healing Thankful Even Though..., 
			6-The Other Side of Grace, 
			7-The Roll of Conscience, 
			8-The Kingly Power of Choice, 
			9-The Power of the Plan-What Salvation..., 
			10-Guilty or Not-How Can I Tell? 
			11-The Reality of Godís Love, 
20:124 - Truth Triumphant Sabbath School Classes (not Bill Hughes)
			1-More on Consecration, 
			2-Epidemic of Desertion-Daniel 1 & 2, 
			3-The Laodicean church, 
			4-Lay Your Own Glory in the Dust, 
			7-How to Become Translatable Christians, 
			8-Saul & Jonathan
20:125 - Behold the Lamb Ministry - Kenny Shelton 
			1-Witnessing with Power, 
			2-Destroying the Earthly Nature, 
			3-Moving in the Province of God, 
			4-Trusting God in the Hour of Trial, 
			5-Construction or Destruction? 
			6-Manís Final Opportunity
20:126 - Behold the Lamb Ministry - Kenny Shelton
			The Millennium, 4 parts
20:127 - 	Walter Veith
			1-Mysteries of the Sun, 
			2-Mysteries of the Pyramids,
		Whitman, Sr.
			3-Decoding the Secret of Gizeh, 
		Scott Edwards
			4-Great Controversy Escalation
20:128 - non-SDA - Lindsey Williams
			3 parts-The Middle East
20:129 - non-SDA 
			1 & 2-Invisible Empire A New World Order Defines, 
			3-The Obama Deception
20:130 - (Source unknown, one +? non-SDA) 
			1 to 3-Nuclear Preparedness 
		It is expected that World War III will start any time and
		that a nuclear war will result 
			4-Daniel 1, 
			5-Daniel 2, 
			6-Nuclear War,
			8-Music Speaks (a study about music in church, no audio at first), 
			9-Loose Change (Re: 9/11, one of many that I have)
		These next ones are from a number of old programs.  Some were waiting
		for me to find more parts by the same speaker, which never occured
20:131 - Pastor Stephen Bohr - Great Apostasies of the Bible (for more, see 19:163)
			1-The Traitor, 
			2-The Son of Perdition, 
			3-The Overmastering Delusion, 
			4-Godís Antidote for Itching Ears, 
			5-The Final Apostasy
20:132 - HOPE-TV Native New Day (designed for American Indians, but also very good)
			1-Footprints of the Future, 
			2-A New You, 
			3-Remember the Sabbath, 
			4-The Land with No Fences, 
			5-Just A Prayer Away, 
			6-Called to Serve
20:133 - SLS-TV (Lomas Linda) 5 parts-High on Adventure
20:134 - 3ABN Help Yourself to Health - Dr. Agatha Thrash (deceased)
			6-Tummy Aches
20:135 - ADTV - Walter Veith: 
			1-The Herodian Mind Part 1, 
			2-Part 2,
			3-Rise and shine, 
			6-Come Up Higher-Principles of salvation, 
			7-Verily My Sabbaths
20:136 - 3ABN - Agatha Thrash (deceased) - Help Yourself to Health:
			1-Breast Problems, 
			4-Natural Remedies, 
			5-Cardiac Health
20:137 - HOPE-TV - Misc. Health: 
			1-Take Charge of Your Health, 
			2-Healthy Body, 
			3-A Sound Mind, 
			4-Natural Progesterone,  
20:138 - HOPE-TV - C. D. Brooks, 4 parts no titles
20:139 - HOPE-TV - C. D. Brooks, 4 more parts no titles
20:140 - 3ABN - Misc., no titles on DVD 
			1-Three Dimensional Telescope,
			2-Brian Newman, 
			3-ASI: Are You Totally There Now? 
			4-The Great Advent Awakening, 
			5-Diet & Spirituality
20:141 - 3ABN - 
			1-Lucy & Evolution, 
20:142 - 3ABN/Amazing Facts ďAmazing Adventure Kids interesting programs, 
			4 parts (no titles here or on the DVD)
20:143 - 3ABN ďLIVEĒ with Vicki Griffin
			2 pts Godís Peace Plan
20:144 - HOPE-TV - Really Living (Interviews): 
			2-Union College, 
			4-One-arm Pianist, 
			6-Music Conductor
20:145 - ADTV Walter Veith: 
			1-I Think He Is, 
			2-Double Portion, 
			3-Speak to the Rock, 
			4-Righteousness By Faith in Verity-Part 1, 
			5-Part 2, 
			6-Stories from Life Experiences
20:146 - ADTV Dr. McDougall: 
			1-Keeping Healthy Blood Vessels, 
			2-You Canít Best Mother Nature, 
			3-Diet or Osteoporosis, 
			4-(late start) Bypass Surgery
20:147 - ADTV - Reformation Overview Mini series Out of order, #4 missing and 2 others: 
			1-(Cartoon) The Amy Carmichael Story, 
			2-#5-The Radicals, 
			3-#1-John Wycliff-The Morning Star, 
			4-#6-Godís Outlaw, 
			5-Lifestream Madia-Miracles, 
			6-#3-Marin Luther, 
			7-#2-John Hus
20:148 - ADTV - AD News: 
			1-Grace Macintosh: Education, 
			2-Case Laws-Sunday Laws in Canada...: 
			3-Phillip Sizemore: The Whore of Babylon, 
			4-Paulís Writing-Hard to Understand, 
			5-Not Under the Law but Under Grace
		These following music DVDs have been waiting for years for me to add
		more to them, but I am not going to do that now.  I have tried to eliminate
		duplicates on each DVD, but there can be duplicates on other DVDs.
20:149 - ADTV - 4 Religious Music Videos (nature) 1:36 Min
20:150 - LLBN & 3ABN Music, Religious and Classical, 34 parts
20:151 - LLBN & 3ABN  Classical Music, 28 parts
20:152 - ADTV Music, 14 Parts
20:153 - LLBN - Classical Music, 33 parts
20:154 - LLBN - Christmas Music, 27 Parts
20:155 - ADTV - Sonica Veith (Walterís wife): 
			1-In the Service of the Lord,, 
			2-A Peculiar People Living A Simple Life
20:156 - ADTV - 
			1-Untangling the Lines: Answering Tough Ques-tions About the Sabbath, 
			2-Bible Answers: Is the Moon Related to the Sabbath?
20:157 - ADTV - Victor Gill: 
			1-Doing the Fatherís Will, 
			2-Everlasting Gospel, 
			3-Series title: Living for Jesus (has very dark video)-Knowing the Time, 
			4-Where is Your Faith? 
			5-Watchmen, What of the Night? 
			6-The Power, Privilege and Necessity of Prayer, 
			7-Feasting at His Table, 
			8&9-Duplicates #5 & #3! (I hadnít found titles for these until they wsere finished.)
 20:158 - non-SDA 
			1-About Miracles: When the Logical Explanation if God, 
			2-Messages from Heaven (shows the errors of Mary being your salvation today)
20:159 - ADTV - History: 
			1-Mightier than the Sword: Europe 16th Century, 
			2-Josiah Henson: The Real Uncle Tom, 
			3-Shadows of Scotland
20:160 - LLT - James Arrabito - Babylon Is Fallen: 
			1-The Babylon Connection, 
			2-On Eagleís Wings, 
			3-Satanís Bride, 
			4-The Bottomless Pit,
			5-Come Out of Her My People, 
			6-The Return of the Dragon-Part 1, 
			7-Part 2, 
			8-Q & A
20:161 - ADTV - Wes Peppers: 
			1-The External Evidence, 
			2-The Atheist Who Found God, 
			3-Behold, He Prayeth, 
			4-The Evidence Speaks: Archaeology, Part 1, 
			5-Part 2, 
			6-Competitive Christianity-Part 1, 
			7-Part 2, 
			8-The Rise of Modern Atheism