These lists include most of that which we have to share. We have over 1,000 DVD masters.

Please note that these pages are formatted for "Internet Explorer" and does not necessarily format correctly on other browsers. Sorry if it doesn't work too well on yours! Also note that these lists come from a variety of places and are not all laid out in the same format.

These listings are both those already on DVD masters. Some DVDs have about 2 hours on them, but some go up to 8 hours. In some cases, they are available in both formats.

We make new DVDs frequently, so we are making a new format of these lists of DVDs.

Our new lists have more details and the list are with a variety of types and sources. They are listed by SPEAKER, SOURCE, CITY OR STATE, SUBJECT, CAMPMEETING (CM) AND MISC.

Lists as of Aug 18, 2014.

Since it is so time consuming to update the above list often, A list of the new DVDs that are not included there are listed here:

New DVDs not listed above as of Aug 18, 2014.

The following are old listings of videos on DVD masters. If you have been on this site previously, you may prefer these lists. They are not being updated since about March, 2014.

Videos Produced by S.T.U.D.Y. (Tim Simkin)

Videos Produced by Truth Triumphant and 800-HIS-LOVE (Bill Hughes and Gordon Simkin)

Videos Produced by Steps to Life (Dr. John Grosboll)

Videos Produced by Hope International and Hartland Institute (Ron Spear and Colin Standish)

Videos Produced by LUT (Dennis Crystal)

Videos Produced by WRM (World Radio Missions)

Videos Produced by Prophecy Countdown (John Osborne)

Misc. Videos (Thomas Jackson, James Arrabito, Jan Marcussen etc.)

Videos Broadcast by 3ABN (Many Different Speakers)

Videos Produced by non-SDAs (Many Different Speakers)

This list of DVDs is complete as of April 17, 2014, but is not being updated at this time.

Since our permission to copy these videos is almost totally for "free 
sharing," we cannot charge for them.  So as far as our budget will allow, 
we will send you any that you request with no statement.  However, since
it does cost us money to do this service, we accept donations.  We request,
when you are able, to donate to us about $2 per DVD. This will cover all of 
our costs including packaging and shipping, etc.  We take no money from our 
ministry for personal use nor do we pay anyone else for services.  
So 100% of your donations go into the ministry work. 

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